What are Agile Moves?

Agility is developed not only by introducing new roles and following new rules. Agile team play is a skill rather than a talent; therefore, it’s just as trainable as any other team sport.

Agile Moves are small, very specific on-the-job training sessions, which allow teams to work together more efficiently and in an agile manner – independently , iteratively, and incrementally. They teach you to take further development into your own hands, and can be combined with, customized to, enhance, and complement training schedules.

Agile Moves is a habit changing framework.

Agile Moves are our answer to the question of how you can integrate agility and team play into your daily work routine, firmly anchored as a continuous improvement process, and use fun to increase efficiency and productivity

What do we offer?



Team play is a skill rather than a talent. Agility is trainable. With Agile Moves, team play can be taught on the job. Through the Agile Moves seminars, you will learn how you and your team can become even better team players.


We provide support for the transition process, and we support management and teams by teaching self-organized agility and implementing changes.


Agile Moves Wiki

We describe the Agile Moves framework and the Agile Moves community in the Agile Moves Wiki.

There you can find information and course materials to get acquainted with, try out, and experience.

Agile Moves Values


Eye Level

To us, eye level means not thinking it beneath you to view the world through someone else’s eyes. From our perspective, eye level is the foundation of any agile development.


To us, kaizen means initiating and implementing changes through small, continuous steps. Kaizen shows me HOW I can become more agile.


Team Resilience

Team resilience is the ability to remain productive as a team despite burdens, and in the process, to collectively become better and stronger. Team resilience shows me WHAT I need to be more agile.

Continuous Synchronisation

In a team, continuous synchronization means having so tight a natural balance in the team that it results in team flow. Continuous synchronization is goal of the Agile Moves.


Who are we?


Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber

Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber has been working as a management consultant for nearly 12 years, almost ten of which have been in agile projects. He was an agile project manager, developer, product owner, scrum master, and chief scrum master in many different companies and corporate cultures. His great passion is team play, whether in sports, in music, or in day-to-day projects. Agile Moves are the essence of all that he has learned about team play and what has worked for him to date.

Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber

Silke Kainzbauer

Since 2012, Silke Kainzbauer has worked as a coach with a focus on self-organization in teams and implementing agility into the daily work routine. Before that, she spent 16 years working for a large consulting firm in the field of change management. In addition to many other qualifications, she is a certified psychologist, MBA, a certified scrum master (PSMI), and a product owner (PSPOI). Aside from her work in agile projects, she maintains a coaching practice in Würzburg.

Silke Kainzbauer

Regina Brandhuber

Regina Brandhuber teaches music education at the Academy of Music in Nuremberg and at the Municipal School of Music in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. She is doing her doctorate on how you can condition agile methods for musical practice. "Music Moves" are based on the same values and principles as "Agile Moves". She imparts her knowledge of both to interested parties through seminars. She is a certified scrum master (PSMI) and product owner (PSPOI). As a product owner, she contributes to "Team Tool", open source software that is expected to digitally map the Moves.

Regina Brandhuber

Milenko Bugueno

As an engineer, Milenko Bugueno manages various engineering software projects for process and production automation in a large industrial group. He uses Agile Moves in his daily work routine, and develops them even further while on the job. Since 2014, he has been promoting the open source project "Team Tool", which displays the Agile Moves on the web. He studied mechatronics at the University of Erlangen, and is a certified scrum master (PSM I & IAPM) and product owner (PSPO I).

Milenko Bugueno

Mark Rehberg

As a scrum master, Agile coach, and Agile trainer, Mark Rehberg has been worked on various large customer projects for a global management consulting firm for the last several years. He is fascinated by his job of promoting and supporting the further development of interaction within a team. Following the principle of kaizen, the Agile Moves are the perfect addition; they allow him to continuously take small steps and get a little bit closer to reaching his goal.

Mark Rehberg